x64 CIS 4 fails to protect system service killing

This is a very old one. It’s been around ever since v3 but I’ve never ever gotten a decent response to it. As a result I keep recreating this thread every 6 months, in hopes that at least this one time, someone will stick to answering.

It’s simple. Have a 64bit Vista or Win7. Now set protection against process termination to a windows service. Any svchost.exe will do, or if you wanna be specific, let’s say Desktop Window Manager - dwm.exe. Now try to end that process with Task Manager. You will be able to.

On a 32bit OS with COMODO this works as intended - access is denied, you can’t do it. But on 64bit it lets you kill it. This only happens to services. If you set protection for say explorer.exe or firefox.exe it will block, even on 64bit. But if you set that protection for a system service, there will be nothing stopping you, or a malware, from killing it with a standard command.

Pray that I will be heard this time.