x64 and HIPS

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Here is a question for developers regarding Defense+ implementation.

It is known fact that some development (not only HIPS but as a whole) for x64 wasn’t possible because Microsoft was not revealing all secrets of the x64 kernel (Vista included)

Then there was a rumour that the situation will be changed after SP1. But it seems like it didn’t.

Recently there was a discussion in another forum about IDS/HIPS for Vista x64, where we were told that there practically none available. And even if there are some they are quite limited in features because Microsoft still keeping locked down the kernel entirely on x64 OSes .
Therefore there is no way for a HIPS to patch the OS kernel in order to gain control over the neccessary APIs and currently available callbacks are not enough to implement full featured HIPS (almost a quote)

So can developers of Comodo’s Defense+ explain what is missing in this particular implementation and when we may expect radical changes. I know that mainly Microsoft should answer in the first place, but it would be appreciated to know what are users of x64 missing compare to users of 32 bit systems.

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