X360 Problems

I’ve been trying to find a firewall that works well and lets my Xbox360 work since unfortunatly Sysgate free firewall i use to use has gone and it wouldn’t let my 360 join the net.

I tried Outpost pro and that work for my 360 but it was causing problems with a few games for my PC so i uninstalled it and went back to windows firewall (which i don’t trust at all) found out about this firewall looking around a forum a visit from time to time, decided to give it ago, so far i’ve been impressed but its close to being uninstalled due to it not letting my 360 connect.

I’ve searched the forums and looked at the other 360 posts and non of them are helping me :frowning:

I’ve added the LAN to the trusted network via the Security,Task menu but i still have no joy.

If i disable the network rules my Xbox can connect to the net fine, if there enabled it can’t connect.

According to the 360 self test it stalls at the DNS bit and comes up failed.

My Setup is that my Xbox has a static IP and connects into my 4port hub which is connected into one of the netcards in my PC and that my LAN which then access’s the Internet Via my shared connection.

He’s a screenshot of the current network rules that Comodo created when i installed it plus the LAN created rules made from the trusted wizard

Well i know the Block IP rule is the one creating the problem but for some reason the LAN rules don’t seem to over-ride the block IP setting even though its above it in the list

Well some reason it works now, i chanced the TCP/UDP rule from IN/OUT to a seperate in and seperate out.

Wondering if thats correct?