x10nets.exe : too much pop-ups every time i start up

everytime i start up windows xp, i have to put 20x on the “OK” button to allow x10nets.exe and his correspondend files
it’s very annoying. i have checked the box “remember this setting”
i think ervery time there is a update of that file(s) he ask for permission.

How to

In general, i have to push to much on OK button and the popups are very annoying
comode firewall is good, but TOO MUCH popups? What’s happend with the database? I’ve installed the most recent version of comodo. WHY they say it has millions of pre-defined rules and i have to push 100x times on the ok button when i for example install a OLD game or OLD program??? I’m very disappointed… TOOO MUCH POP UPS
how to solve this problem above

For installing read this Topic it should help you.