Were these security applications allowed access to the internet?

kaspersky 88.3%

Avast 85.7%

Comodo 84.7%

Norton 12.4%

Delta between comodo and top 3.6%

Delta between bottom and top detections 75.9%

Very nice. Thanks ;D

I would have been interested to see what the results would be if internet access had been allowed. I believe most vendors would have done better. Norton’s score also would have likely been much higher I would assume because of technologies such as sonar.

Have you done a similar test with internet access allowed so we can compare the results?


I have a question:
TrustPort has two engines: bitdefender and AVG. Why TrustPort has a low detection rate than avg or bitdefender?

thank for the answer
I like to know the effectiveness of antivirus multi engine above to see the response time of updates

Do you mean that you will do other tests or that you have done other tests?

Either way I’d be very interested in seeing the results.


TrustPort Antivirus has engines from Bitdefender and AVG, and a result appeared worse what at one AVG. it is strange…