X-lite and Comodo Firewall.

Hello. I have a very strange problem with my comodo firewall. When the firewall security level is set to “Safe mode” I cannot dial, but I can receive calls. If I set the firewall security level to “Disabled” I can make outgoing calls. I’ve added x-lite to trusted applications, I tried adding all my network interfaces to the trusted zones… Can anyone give me a clue?

I forgot to mention that I have a VPN connection for the x-lite to be able to register. It’s all on a local level. But the VPN is required only for wireless connectivity, with the cable I have no problem. And again when I connect to the VPN I cannot dial.

I noticed that you are still waiting for an answer. Can I suggest some friendly advice based my observation of having used comodo often as a frustrated user for several years but still hanging on because I think they still have a very good product?

Well, unless you like to risk waiting a long time for an answer, or even perhaps no answer, from a forum volunteer, and then be prepared to possibly spend even more time trying to fix these things, I think that the only viable solution for the majority of new or recent users of CIS or those with insufficient time to deal with issues such as this is to consider paying $50 and get comodo live support to troubleshoot and fix your PC. They can even access the PC remotely and configure things, I believe. I finally started the 30 day trial a few days ago and am pleased so far.

Otherwise consider trying another free product and hope it does not have the same issues…but it will have other issues.

I learned that there is no such thing as free because my own time has a value as well. Once one decides to value their own time at $5 per hour or $100 per hour, or whatever is right for them, then quickly all the time spent messing around with configuring a computer adds up to a lot of money.

Anyway, i wish you good luck with getting an answer to your question, or whatever you decide to do!

Can you show a screenshot of your Firewall logs? They are under Firewall → Common Tasks → View Firewall Events.