www.google-analytics.com Access denied with code 403

Today I have set up the first domain for Google Analytics. Unfortunately, the communication between my server and the above server address will be blocked with the log message:

[11/Jan/2016:10:40:38 +0100] [www.google-analytics.com/sid#7f758bd749f0][rid#7f7591c790a0][/ga.js][1] 
Access denied with code 403 (phase 2). Matched phrase "/Proxy-Connection/" at TX:header_name. 
[file "/etc/cwaf/rules/10_HTTP_HTTP.conf"] [line "32"] [id "xxxxxxxxxxx"] [rev "2"] 
[msg "COMODO WAF: HTTP header is restricted by policy"] [data "/Proxy-Connection/"] [severity "WARNING"]

How and which rule must I need to change, which makes the analysis of my traffic possible. Thanks in advance.


You can just remove Proxy-Connection header from /etc/cwaf/rules/userdata_bl_headers file

Regards, Oleg