www.GeekBuddy.com launched!

Hi Guys

We all need a geek to rely on!

Now you have it! www.geekbuddy.com

Pls spread the word, pls tell everyone who needs help to come to www.Geekbuddy.com

its free for first 30 days when you sign up!


PS: When your friends and family ask you to help them with their computer, refer them to www.GeekBuddy.com … They will love you for it, and you won’t be disturbed with every little technical issues they may have :slight_smile:

Congrats with the launch of Geekbuddy.

Happy New Year. 8)

Interesting…is it a copy of livePCsupport? :stuck_out_tongue:


hmmm… maybe they need to open a new site with the catching name: geekhelp! (:WIN)

Yes, at the moment it is. But this will be the consumer version of Live PC support going forward.


So what will the difference between them in the feature?

Geekbuddy will have mainly consumer related stuff. There will be some functionality differences as the needs of a consumer differ from of a business user and so on…


Ok. That helps explain a bit. :slight_smile: