Does anybody know why CIS update contacts IP adress belonging to www.free.fr

Is this happening with the AV update or the program update? At what port(s) is the traffic happening?

I checked the whois of this IP address and found ISP www.free.fr to be the owner.That does not make sense. I would have expected a hosting hosting company where Comodo might be hiring capacity for load balancing purposes.

I will ask umesh for a comment

I got a reply from umesh. His initial idea is that the whois information is not correct. When an IP range gets sold the whois database is not always updated in timely fashion.

He has people of his team looking into this.

Hey Gents,

Are you sure the IP is and not ?

The latter IP bolngs to us and is the IP of download(s).comodo.com and is the correct one.

Oops; I am so ashamed. It all must have been started with a wrong copy/paste on my behalf, leading myself and you all onto the wrong track

Yes the actual address is

Sorry, sorry, sorry

And a Happy New Year to you all.

No problem. Glad it was only a copy paste error :slight_smile: