Wuzzup? from BugBopper

What do you guys think of Wuzzup? from BugBopper. I know it’s a horrible name but it does seem to work very well. It’s discussed on Wilders here.

This product will scan your computer and identify any files that it knows are safe or malicious based on its database. Any other files will be uploaded to its servers where they will be analyzed to see if they are malicious. If not then they will be considered safe, although this decision can be changed in the future. In addition each file is scanned with VirusBuster, Quick Heal, Norman, ESET, ClamWin, CA, AVG, and their own engine of BugBopper. Each detection will give you a percent score of the ratio of scanners that find it dangerous so you can better decide if it is a false positive or not. I should mention that this product can’t remove threats, they have a paid version for that.

The original scan can take an hour or so, but as long as you don’t check the option to scan “any extension” any subsequent scans will take mere minutes as almost all of your files are already known. The one problem I have with it is that every scan I make finds 2-10 files to upload. Not sure why, but this product is still in its infancy so I’ll let it go.

Still, to me this seems like a very good product to quickly ensure that you aren’t infected. Just run it every few weeks and let it upload any unknown files to be checked. What do you think?

I don’t know if it’s any good now. But before, scans were slow. at 9.38 GB hard drive space with only 2.58 GB worth of files, it takes an hour to scan. Initially, it was one and a half. Afterwards, one. It’s faster alright, but still kinda slow. Maybe it’s in the internet connection. i don’t know. It made me upload a few necessary windows files (i.e. explorer.exe) which i found really weird. :stuck_out_tongue:

However, detection isn’t so bad. And I assume it has improved. Remember one post here a few months ago? They issued a challenge and will give licenses (correct me if I’m wrong) to anyone who can get their pc’s infected with bugbopper installed. They claimed to have 100% detection rate (or at least, as I remember in the post). Such a daring proposition must be backed-up by some strong belief it can do what it says. ;D Perhaps it does perform well.