WTF ???

This morning, when i woke up, i found this file on my desktop->

I thought it’s my wife’s mistake or something.I asked her, but she told me that she doesn’t know anything about that.I deleted the file of CCS, cause i don’t like this program.This evening, we went to eat something for a while.When i came back, the same file was again on my desktop. :o ???
I looked at the creation date and time and… →

Now it’s 20:29 PM here. What do You think about that?

That’s the exe of Comodo Cloud Scanner, a diagnostic tool which is in beta.

Did you ever have it installed on your computer?

Hi bequick ,

Attached are few things for you to check & compare so you worry less :wink:


p.s. As far as I understand WTF ? = What The File[uck] ? ;D

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No.I’ve downloaded the installer two or three weeks ago, tried to install it, unsuccessfully, then deleted the installation file.That’s it.:slight_smile:

@SiberLynx, thanks, but i have no what to compare it.It’s gone.:slight_smile: I really do not understand how it’s possible for a file to materialize itself, without human intervention. ;D

I haven’t seen ganda around lately…could he…?


Hey bequick

Could it be possible that it was cached in your downloader a couple of times.


Computing 101: delete the file itself, not the desktop shortcut ;D

Done that before when I was a super N… (many years ago).