WTF this bug !!!

sorry on my english write problem, and i will not go learn english a year for write here somwthing
and – let’s assume u right …
how i need to know that press on ‘report false positive’ mark it as trusted ?
let’s assume normal person that see 3 option ignore, trusted, report
i dont see any logic to make trusted bcz of clicking on ‘report’ button

read slowly what falstagg sais

its not possible to not understand this but if you are just trolling here

no - im not trolling here. and i still think it’s bug,
im sure that if u had such situation u will did same
topic closed and good night O0

:smiley: >:-D >:-D >:-D >:-D >:-D >:-D

BTW next time that i will find a really problem i will not
tell anyone, bcz it’s call trolling. enjoy ur cruly hard life

But you didn’t click on the report button. You clicked on the Ignore button and chose the option to report it as a false positive to Comodo.

So, the action CIS took was Ignore → Report.

[at] everyone,

Please, please try to appreciate how difficult it can be to understand what we (as native English speakers) see as simple phrases and terminology if you are not a native English language speaker.

I don’t believe the user maorosh was trolling. I believe it was a language difficulty that prevented him more clearly defining where he saw the issue and similarly prevented us from posting a cleaner, more simplified explanation that could be interpreted by a non-english speaker.

The explanations posted here are perfectly clear to the bulk of us, but that may be because we can easily interpret ambiguities and read between the lines etc., whereas a non-English speaker may have to translate literally.

[at] maorosh, our apologies for any misunderstanding.

Ewen :slight_smile:

OK It’s a help issue not a bug then I think?

So forwarding to help. Please ask a mod to return it here if you think it’s a bug.

Best wishes