WTF is wrong with NOsupporto?

As a reseller, we are just about done with your lack of support. NOT A SINGLE response in 48 hours. DISGRACEFUL. Why bother with you?

May I ask what the problem is you have run into?

1 month later, NOrespondo? 88)

Do not ever (!) hijack any thread created by another user
I’ve read you 2 posts here from the past - deal with it - “bump” in there if you are not satisfied,
but never interrupt any conversation that are not related to the issue you’ve raised in the past. That is bloody rude!

If you have a problem please start your own topic and state clearly what the problem is. That way we will be able to try to help you.

Whaaat?! lol How exactly am I hijacking this thread? The guy made the post, he got a response, and never replied to it - take it down a notch bro. Considering I used his writing style in my message should be a clear indicator. His NOsupporto and mine NOrespondo - get it? What 2 posts from the past are you referring to?

I have no issue, just referring to the OP not responding.

Sorry you were hijacking his topic, you had no reason to post.

It is his privilege not to reply if he so wishes, not yours to bump a topic to remind him he has not replied.

Thank you


??? ??? ???

Did you really think we wouldn’t notice that you had embedded URLs under the emoticons that looked exactly the same as the Comodo supplied emoticons?

For the safety of other forum members, your URLs have been replaced with the standard emoticons.

Copngratulations, you have found the easiest way to get on the mods radar, hijack someone else’s topic and munt around with URLs. . :smiley: >:-D :P0l

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