WTF Is Up With Browser Hijack?! Creating Trust Online My Backside

I just updated comodo firewall. Now I’m having to fix my default search engines and home pages thanks to your hijacking. I do not use, nor do I wish to use, Yahoo for anything. I’m this ->||<- close to uninstalling my comodo products and never using them again. I would appreciate hearing good reasons why I should not do so posthaste.

This is due to a new financial arrangement between Comodo and Yahoo (please note that it is arrangements like this that help to keep CIS free). During installation there was a checkbox which would have allowed you to opt out of this.

For reference please see the screenshot I have attached to this post.

By the way, although I do agree with you that I also don’t like it when software packages put options such as this in their installers I also understand it from Comodo’s point of view. They are pouring millions of dollars into developing such extraordinary products, which they then give to us for free. Thus, as long as they provide an option to opt out I am willing to forgive them this time, but only as long as they use the money from this partnership to create even more innovative, superb products. :wink:

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Chiron…This is bad because Comodo is losing user and customers…Maybe if they made… It big in like 72 font lolz :smiley: (:TNG)

Hi really displeased,

Probably this thread will help you to understand what may’ve happened;msg635907#msg635907


Edited Oh! I was a bit late … anyway that can help too :slight_smile:

Yes of course, the fine print. Which I must have overlooked because it wasn’t in 72 pt font (snark not appreciated).

I expect this sort of ■■■■ from Adobe or Oracle, not Comodo. Now I know to expect it from Comodo too.

Now that this has been explained, I’m not sure what’s worse. That Comodo struck an arrangement that essentially entails attempting to hijack web browsers, or that this arrangement was struck with a failing company like Yahoo?

Careful who you sleep with. You might not like what you wake up with in the morning.

That’s actually not a surprise at all. Have a look at many free Software using this “new technology” recently. They never did that in the past, but they are joining the scheme one after another
Please read about “download wrappers” used by many reliable (in the past) sites like Cnet/download/softonic/tucows/etc. “.com”(s)
Most of Security(ies) will flag those at least as “adware” or “risckware”

Well what is new with Comodo? & how it is different compare to the well known “Ask”/search/toolbar, which was a huge issue discussed here in the past
Not a big difference with this new stuff IMHO

It seems that the ■■■■, which is opted “On” by default will create a lot of revenue if not noticed by the user

  • despite of all of those old angry discussions;
  • despite of many posts here in the forum by many users (me included) about accepting donations instead and placing the link for donations … that was ignored multiple times … what can you do?

Look, recently there was a post here stating that Comodo has more than 50.000.000 (yes fifty million) installations currently. I cannot confirm the figure personally, but if that’s the case - how about each of us (those 50 million) just, say “forget” about one cup of coffee per month & donate. I know it depends and a cup of coffee could cost from $1 to $3 dollars but even 50 cents would be fine, wouldn’t it

No! No way!

It seems like installing crapware/adware/etc. will bring much much more money in order to keep the software free

Well, they know the business & they know it better
So, just a few (even thousand) angry users can be easily ignored compare to 50 million … & growing :wink:

My regards


Hehe! If you do not know your new girlfriend yet and that is(was) just casual sex use a condom - it may help, but if it is a Software - condom does not help at all … probably a lil bit more attention/reading/and or glasses ;D

No i am being comptely honest…that how most company get way with that stuff…If it was in 72 font you would have sent it and click no and problem would be solved…


we always listen to our users.

We will take your views into account.

thank you


I like it.
I hope donations through mobile phones will be available. Comodo deserves our support.

If they ask they will receive!

This is precisely what’s so obnoxious about such a business arrangement. Besides being little more than acts of desperation on the part of ■■■■ companies like Yahoo,, or Mcafee, it mainly relies on either the unwittingness or the inattentiveness of users, and in either case it’s insulting and mendacious. Here is what you do instead, Comodo:

  • Don’t make business arrangements with desperate ■■■■ companies which count on the unwittingness or inattentiveness of users for their success (unless you yourself are desperate too, in which case I’d definitely be worried about continuing to rely on your products).
  • If you must rely on such business arrangements, always make them opt-out by default, and make users choose to opt in. Otherwise you are just insultingly and mendaciously relying mainly on the unwittingness or inattentiveness of users, and cultivating ill-will and mistrust in the process.
    [li]Follow the suggestions above and accept optional donations or some comparable intermediate payment structure. Between my computers and devices I use dozens of different applications. I’d go broke if I paid in full for all of them. So I use free versions of most (including Comodo products), and I pay in full only for the ones I reply on and value most. Several apps fall in between, and I donate small sums to several of those. For you this would bring in revenue by relying on the goodwill you’ve cultivated with loyal users. Maybe that wouldn’t add up in dollar terms to whatever deal you struck with Yahoo, in the near term anyway. But cultivating ill-will and mistrust is always a bad business deal, and the bill for that will come due sooner or later.

I argee…I mean don’t get me wrong I like yahoo but not let people no is rather…ummmm misleading? Anyways you should try something better…

Even though this post is almost 2 years old, I felt inclined to open an account and add my 2 cents…
I agree with the op. (Who has most likely moved on to other firewall / av software).
I tend to move from free firewall / av to the next when this sort of behavior rears it’s ugly head.
There are so few entities on the web that (can or want to), see the difference between right and wrong, especially when it comes to money.
Taking advantage of the ignorant masses has become a way of life for many of them.

Here’s a brief moral / ethical rundown… (if you can put away the dollar signs for a moment…),

  1. Having to “opt out” of things,… Wrong. Plain and simple. There can be no justification for this.
    You are preying on other human’s. No “good” can come from this.

  2. Having the option to opt in,… Somewhat acceptable.
    I don’t even like this option, because it’s a sign of things going downhill. (See option 1).

  3. Getting the software you wanted without having to worry about someone taking advantage of your ignorance…
    Priceless. (Right). Heck, Honorable even!

Seriously, (and quite sadly), Comodo, with the “opt out” and ads to the desktop,
I can no longer recommend your product to family and friends. You cannot be trusted to do the “right” thing.

I suspect if you add option 3 into your “accounting”, you just might become the most popular (and trusted), software on the planet.

Good Luck.

If Comodo didn’t give us this great program for free, this issue wouldn’t exist. I don’t find it obnoxious myself because just about every free offering does the same sort of thing. At least what Comodo offers is well known and entirely safe. That can’t be said about some of the others.