Wtf Comodo made my game don't work ?!?

I execute my game with comodo on , and nothing happen. So I turn comodo off and use windows fw and it still don’t work …WHY!!

Go to Advanced → in the Miscellaneous menu, click “Configure”. Where it says “How long should an alert remain on screen if left unanswered”, change it from the default 120 seconds to “180”.

Next, go to Application Monitor, find the game’s exe file and delete it. Then launch your game and when it hangs, exit the game. You should now be able to see the alert which you weren’t able to respond to earlier because the game was running full screen. Click the “Allow” button and then launch the game again. If it hangs a second time, exit again so that you can respond to any secondary alerts.

Does your game use Punkbuster? If it does, check your logs for files awaiting approval and add those manually to the Component Monitor. Click the Apply button and then Refresh.
You might find it easier to find the appropriate log by right clicking anywhere in the log and choosing “Export HTML”. Give the file a name and then double click it to open it in your browser.