WS2FIX.EXE a Trojan ?

V9 PC Doctor 2.6 reported WS2FIX.EXE as a trojan.
Win32.Troj.Kryptic AE.75 (KcCloud). Nivel:Danger !!!

CIS and Virustotal say it is Clean.

What is WS2FIX.EXE ?

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It’s impossible to give you an answer based on just file name
In the 1st place you have to submit the file to the vendor that flagged it

At the same time the said file (WS2FIX.EXE in …\system32) can belong to some of the malware removal Tools, for example - to SmitFraudFix.
Have you ever ran it ?

Many security are flagging such Utilities and or their components (sometimes leftovers), since

  • they could be packed;
  • the technique used is similar if not sometimes precisely containing the same code as malware uses. Say, that’s why in most cases you are advised to disable real-times of your security prior to running such Malware Removal Tools
  • etc.

So, again you can consider submitting the file to PC Doctor developers
or (especially if your system is misbehaving ) visit one of the malware removal forums, where you will be guided by the specialist. Usually you will run several preliminary Utilities in order to gather essential info about your system. Based on latter the expert will tell you what else has to be done