WS_FTP - Can't upload when Comodo is on (NOOB)

I tried to do a search and didn’t come up with any answer. The application (WS_FTP) is listed as an approved appliction, however I can’t get it to connect with the remote site. When I turn Comodo off, I can connect just fine. This is my first post and I just started using Comodo about three weeks ago.

Where should I start???


Welcome, Cooper24!

There’s a couple places to start…

  1. For the application rule in question, open/edit it, go to the Miscellaneous tab, and check “Skip advanced security checks.” OK. Reboot to clear the memory and reset the rules. Then try again.

  2. Log Entries. When CFP blocks something, it should create a log entry. Go to Activity/Logs. Right-click an entry, select “Clear all logs.” Then try to connect your FTP application. If/when it fails to connect to the remote site, go back to the logs and check what’s there. You can right-click, select “Export to HTML.” Save the file, then reopen it. Highlight and Copy the log entries, then Paste them into your post here.

  3. When you say you turned Comodo “off” can you describe the process by which you did that?

That’ll get us started.