WRT610N Router and Comodo CIS Config Question

I have a new router - WRT610N. No problems.

My Comodo config changed - I don’t have the old one.
Is the attached config OK?
It appears reasonable to me and I have no issues with popups, bad programs etc.


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Hi Share666,

Seems perfectly fine on me, just one question are there other pc’s in your local network ?
And maybe the global ICMP in/out any is a little wide… put that would be tiny details…

I can tighten up the ICMP rules.
I have a wired PC and a couple of wireless notebooks and an iPod that make occasional use of the router. I activated security on the router. I haven’t mapped any of the MAC addresses in the router.
Still OK you think?


If you don’t share anything on your pc, and don’t browse the “network neighborhood” also then you don’t need the access from the Zones of LAN#2.

Say that if someone could take control over your wireless network then they still don’t have access to your pc.

I have no shared resources.
I deleted Network#2 from the Application and the Global rules.
Should I delete the network as well from the network zones?
Not quite sure what you mean about browsing the “network neighborhood”: – I assume you mean other people’s wireless networks, right? Which I don’t.


I did as indicated above – I am now receiving this on my firewall log. I am assuming it is from my email program…

[attachment deleted by admin]

It’s coming from my browser and my email program - Firefox and Thunderbird.

These are syslog messages from your router. There is no program listening so that’s why they are rejected

The “Syslog is typically used for computer system management and security auditing.” That it is mostly used by professional users. Not something home users like most the people here would be using. For more information read this Wikipedia article: Syslog - Wikipedia .

Easiest way to get rid off this is to make the router your trusted network. That trusted network would only have one IP address, namely:

My router had logging on to

Thank you so much for your help.