WRT: Trusting vendors - I don't want to! [v5]

What he said.

Do #2 - LOL - and then make vendor.n read-only.

Works good last long time.

You can maintain a personalized vendor list that way too. Of course you’d have to un-readonly the file, add your personally trusted vendors, and then re-readonly the file.

Version 6 now allows you to completely disable the TVL. It also allows you to selectively remove vendors you do not trust.

It’d be nice if I could use v6

Does V6 not work for you? If not did you create a topic for this?

(If you did, and I replied to your topic, I apologize. I have been responding to so many posts lately that it’s difficult to keep track of even a fraction of them.)

I’m running Server 2003. v5.5 is the last installer that works, albeit the update gets me to v5.12. All installers subsequent to v5.5 state my antiquated system isn’t worth supporting.

I created this topic as per the title w/ respect to - WRT - the FAQ for trusted vendor [v5[. The sleeping posting dragon awoke and blew the foot thick dust off the thread and banefully suggested I should post a new topic.

So I did. You responded it works really nice in v6 (as if taunting me). :wink:

Now I understand. No taunt was meant. :wink:

However, I’m happy to hear that with V5 there is a way around this as well. :-TU