Wrong update URL

Hi guys, today I tried for the first time 88) to update COMODO Internet Security Premium and I had some issues. I found that the update URL in “Plus > Preferences > Updates” is not correctly set by default. It was [b]http://download.comodo.com/[/b] and not [b]http://downloads.comodo.com/[/b].
Please fix this for the next release.

Hi IliaChtcheglov,

That link shouldn’t have caused issues cause there is a content distribution network behind it.
Was your issue solved by adding the downloads URL?

No problems with h**p://download.comodo.com/ as default

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Yeah now I can update the antivirus lists and update CISP correctly without getting errors like 0x80072efd

I just changed http://download.comodo.com/ by http://downloads.comodo.com/

Was that recently cause there have been issues in the download ip space segment, same as that the forums where party unreachable about 2 hours ago

I don’t understand…
I changed again the URL and tried to update with http://download.comodo.com/ like before and it works.
When I installed CISP for the first time I wasn’t able to do updates and when I tried today by changing the URL I had 91Mb of new updates.

I think these are caused by the reachability of the hosts involved in both distribution networks, there are lot’s of servers that answer to download or downloads depending on your geo-location.

I’m in France