Wrong intrusion count

windows xp sp3
Avast 4.8 Home
Windows Defender

Bug description

if you disable logging option in Network security policy ( global and application rules) ONLY
and leave your computer connected to internet for some time .

then status at summary page shows 0 (zero) intrusion attempt blocked

It means firewall is not taking firing of blocked rule for intrusion detection Rather they are taking logging enabled.

I feel it a bug and can be simulated

firwall has a problem in logging option for incoming connections

Is it possible that there were no actual intrusion attempts in that time or were you running some other means of checking whether there were inbound attempts?

Are you behind a router that has a hardware firewall? If so, this may have coloured the results.

Let us know.

Ewen :slight_smile:

An intrusion in CFP3 is specifically an inbound attempt that is blocked an logged. Since there is traffic being blocked all the time, users stop logging uninteresting traffic to keep the log from filling up and the known traffic from being counted as intrusions. It is not a bug. If you want a different approach, you can add your request to the wish list at https://forums.comodo.com/feedbackcommentsannouncementsnews/comodo_firewall_wishlist_v6-t15557.0.html . :slight_smile:

Right sir,
I left compuer for two hrs on net ,It is unlikely that in two hrs there will not be any inbound connection attempt firewall on router is disabled as they does not offer as musch feature as as oftware firewall except the dead sure reliable operation

I would like it to be in wish list and accordingly post there