wrong date in logs


My logs are off by +24 hrs. Exactly. Do not not believe this was the case when installed 2 days ago.

Also, logs disappear when changing ‘Max Log Size’ or ‘Show Logs For’ options. Logging continues with the date off by 1 day.

I am running XP Pro with all updates. I have CFP ver Windows time & date are set correctly and all other logs on my computer have the correct date and time.

Any thoughts or suggestions.



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You shoul file a ticket to comodo support team.

My logs are off by +24 hrs. Exactly. Do not not believe this was the case when installed 2 days ago.
Do you have daylight saving time enabled? Is your timezone correctly set? Maybe your problem is related to the [url=http://support.microsoft.com/gp/dst_hottopics]DST update[/url] So you need either to remove or to install it to see if something changes.

CPF use MS Visual C runtime:

Visual Studio / Visual C Applications that use the C Runtime (CRT) and set the TZ environment variable may incorrectly calculate local times from UTC times. Local times can be off by an hour in custom applications, and dates can be off by a day depending on how the date and time are processed.

Install the operating system or Visual Studio CRT updates. Instructions for updating your Visual Studio and Visual C products are included in the various KB articles under Resources.

logs disappear when changing 'Max Log Size' or 'Show Logs For' options. Logging continues with the date off by 1 day.

Log shouldn’t disappear in such cases. Do they reappear when you change back to previous settings?

How does the log date compare with the system date?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks for your replies, gibran & panic.

Funny thing. Logs have correct times and dates this A.M. & still. Have not changed any Windows or Comodo settings and have not rebooted.

However, second problem of disappearing logs still exists which is what I was originally going to post about when I noticed the ‘wrong time’ problem.

When I change the ‘Max Log Size’ or ‘Show Logs For’ options the log only shows back to the last 20 mins or so and do not reappear if I change the settings back. In fact even before changing settings log only goes back several hours (not even all of today). Once yesterday, it completely cleared the log and started logging anew.

This is kinda annoying to say the least, because 2 nights ago when watching a movie I got a ‘Critical Warning’ when watching a movie. Ignored it at the time and the next day no log of it nor much else. (:AGY)

Before posting I searched similar threads. Found one discussing different issue, but mentioned similar problem. Can’t seem to find now.

Anywho, maybe it’s time to submit ticket, unless you have something else.



P.S. Love CFP. Hesitated to uninstall my previous one due to P2P issues, but went like a dream. P2p may even be better due to blocking bad data now and less system strain.

Oh you mean this one:

and this one:

Thanks, Soya.

No clue here…

But if your problem is frequent you can try this Sync program from cmd prompt before you switch fom today to last week or last month.

Also would you mind to download process monitor and add a filter rule to include only path “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Dati applicazioni\Comodo\Personal Firewall\Logs\logs.log” instead ow the default application * include one?

Let us know…