Wrong CMDAgent registry key?

I have just examined an Autoruns report and there seems to be a problem with the autorun for CMDAgent.exe. Autoruns reported: File not found: Files\Comodo\Firewall\CMDAgent.exe" From that it seems that the path has a problem. I opened Regedit and removed the quotes from around the path and rebooted. Now Autoruns reports no problem. The installation that I used was the program as downloaded a couple of days ago - it now shows 3.0.20.??? due to updating.

I can’t confirm this, i got the correct path at the service (got no key in registry). Where Autoruns found the error/key?

On my system, running WinXP, from a limited account:




The report that I get from Autoruns is like yours; that is, it claims not to find cmdagent.exe. The actual Registry key is exactly as given in MikeH’s post. That key has the correct path “C:\Program Files\Comodo\Firewall\cmdagent.exe” and the service is shown to be running by ProcessExplorer. I believe you have found a flaw in Autoruns: It evidently does not parse that path correctly and reports on the part after the space character! You might want to pass this on to the authors of Autorun.

In my case, Autoruns does not have a problem finding cmdagent.exe.
As one would expect, the service is shown to be running by Process Explorer.
However, I believe that I updated to the 3.019.318 version from an earlier version, so this is a difference from AnoterOne.
(Am currently running the version).


Right you are. For some reason I did not bother to check the running processes. It was so easy to jump to the registry entry, so I just removed the quotes around the ImagePath variable entry and that fixed the File Not Found in Autoruns. It also still loads into memory at startup, so I don’t know if it makes any difference. Just trying to be tidy, but maybe making more trouble than it is worth. BTW: key for CMDAgent.exe is HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\cmdAgent\ImagePath
I think that I will pass this on to Sysinternals - not a big thing, but it is nice to not mis-report as missing files that are present and properly started by the autorun entry.