Writting a CV? Tips?

Hey there,

Just writing my CV and I’m looking for tips from experienced employers, employees. It would be very interesting if you could address student perspective! Thanks for the help and your time.

PS: Do people even read these kind of things? Seems like a waste of time. :slight_smile:

You can have a look here http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/

Usually is better to tune the CV based on your specialties and the Company you wanna send the CV too.
For example, if you are an engineer, it’s better if your CV is straightforward because most likely this is what Companies are looking for in an engineer.
But if you are an artist, maybe your CV should have an unconventional accent :wink:

I was reading a lot of articles regarding europass. It seems like employers do not prefer it. That’s a bit confusing especially since I’m writing my very first CV. Thanks. :slight_smile:
Proven experience is also strange to me. Being subjective on this one but I find it hard to believe that proven experience is a guarantee to being successful employee (aka ideal candidate). I know someone with no background on economy that is truly successful in the company on such a domain.

As I said, it depends :slight_smile:
I’m an engineer and all the Companies I sent my CV to really liked the europass style :slight_smile: But I’m sure that won’t be true if you look for a job in fashion or advertisement :slight_smile:

You are right, proven experience is not a guarantee for success, nor it is a degree :slight_smile: I know many people who finished only primary school and now are billionaire :slight_smile:

My suggestion is: always tell the truth, it’s the best way to get a job :slight_smile:

Sorry for the bump. Perhaps this post will inspire someone out there. (You never know.)
The person I was talking about is on the board of directors now. (It’s a funny story as he though it was a joke initially.)

Well, whenever I create a CV use these tips. 10 tips on writing a successful CV | Culture professionals network | The Guardian