wpwin9.exe trying to use IE through OLE Automation???

Hope someone can tell me what this is.

I have Corel Office 2000.

Sometimes, when I am browsing the web and also running Wordperfect 9, Comodo comes up with a message that says:

wpwin9.exe has tried to use iexplore.exe through OLE Automation.

Wordperfect 9 DOES have Internet capability, is that all this is?? Or should I be concerned?? Should I accept or deny this option? It seems like when I deny, IE wants to stop working.

I have done a full virus and spyware scan and it found nothing.

It’s a known issue, and Comodo is working on it. There are some strange pop ups… ???
You can safely allow it if you know it’s a program you are using, like your office program.
You should carefully read the pop up, so it’s not some other program/malware that is using a known program to get out to internet. If you are unsure, don’t tick the remember box. If you deny you have to restart the browser, and it’s because of that you shouldn’t click remember.
It can also be your office program that is trying to check if there are any updates, so no worries.

Cool, thanks a lot. I hope that’s what it is.

Ok, update.

So, the notification came up about OLE Automation with wpwin9.exe using IE.

I allowed it.

Then, a while later, it came BACK up saying that wpwin9.exe was trying to use IE to connect to the Internet with SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS.

Is that just the update? Or whatever? It said that’s how most trojans act, but I am sure it’s safe.

There’s no way that a trojan could be masking itself as my Wordperfect exe file, right? Especially since it’s in the right directory and only runs when I run Wordperfect?

Very odd.

A malware will try to use a known program or use a DLL injection to sneak it’s way out to internet.
CPF is extremely good in discovering those threats.
I think that you are ok. Does the logs show anything?
Do you have your “alert frequency level” on default low or have you changed it?
Have you scanned for known applications?
Have you unchecked the “do not show alerts for applications certified by Comodo”?

Ok, my frequency level is set to custom as I did a lot of configuration. I have allowed most programs that make sense, but I just don’t know why WP9 wants to send “Special Instructions.”

The log basically just says what the alert says word for word.

After all this, I went into my tasks and had Comodo search for known applications, I didn’t know it could do that before, and it hasn’t come up again so far, so maybe that solved it.

Thanks for the help!