wpwin12 and firefox.exe

Hi all, love the firewall and how detailed it is. Of course normal things trying to connect can make me paranoid. This one is strange. With WordPerfect Office 12 open, when browsing the 'net, sometimes CPF alerts that “wpwin12 might be using friefox.exe to connect to the Internet.” That is through OLE Automation which can be used to hijack other applications.

It happens when Word Perfect is open and I click a link in the firefox window, from a Google search for example. Why would that trigger an alert from wpwin12.exe (68.0 KB (69,632 bytes)?

If I deny the connection, I cannot connect to the 'net.

Now c:\windows\explorer.exe has tried to use firefox.exe through OLE Automation, which is used to hijack other applications. Explorer.exe might be using firefox.exe to connect to the Internet.

Denying this connection also disallows connection to the Internet.

EDIT TO ADD: It is necessary to close/reopen firefox before the connection will work for a while.