WPA is the new WEP?

Ok, the best way to counter this is to use AES as your encryption protocol. I do recommend that you use WPA2 with AES, as TKIP is outdated anyway.


Battered, but not broken: understanding the WPA ■■■■■

Now let's back up a little. The early coverage of this ■■■■■ indicated that TKIP keys were broken. They are not. "We only have a single keystream; we do not recover the keys used for encryption in generating the keystream," Tews said.

Haha, as soon as I read this I rushed over & changed to WPA2 with AES… (:LGH)

I’m using WPA with TKIL or something ?


WPA with AES is still good… and they only cracked the traffic from the router to the pc… So I do not think they cracked the wireless key yet… but the wireless key can be cracked fast with a lot of gpu cores combined… (:WIN)

Well in order to ■■■■■ the key you MUST be able to sniff the traffic going from AP to client. Now TKIP is fairly old as far as security goes so why not switch to AES?

Naturally this isn’t a huge problem, YET! In order to get a key for your network you sniff mass amount of packets in order to get a key. However, most firewalls are capable of security a wifi AP so this isn’t a huge deal, yet.

Good thing ive been using WPA 2 with AES and mac adress filtering all along :wink:

Anything can be cracked if they really want to.
The risk factor is the only thing that bothers me as gaining something from my traffic is small no risk also depends where you live.
There are still a lot of open networks where I live so why bother with me.

That is indeed a big security risk, because those people who do not how to secure their pc’s with AES, or do not use mac address filtering (can easily be spoofed), who do not know how to hide their SSID and change the default name of their SSID, who do not know how to protected the access to their access point with a password, and most importantly who do not know how to make a strong password, which contains 5 different criteria: characters with capitals, numbers, symbols, at least 128 BIT long, and all mixed up good. This will a make a brute force dictionary attack more difficult.

For all the free and open wireless networks, there was always danger… But the ones who are not supposed to be free and open, there is a risk over system infiltration, abuse of your internet connection (downloading illegal stuff on your name…) but also for companies there is a big danger… think about stealing secret documents… shutting down the company network… etc…

WPA is like patch for the WEP method, which was actually not complete… WPA is very secure compared to WEP and it is lasting for decades… it was taught by some Belgian cryptographers scientist and it has been improved since they demonstrated their methods… THUMBS UP for the Belgian people!

just my 2 penny’s…

I agree 100%. Once again knowlege is power. Wireless has horibble security, I know that. WPA2 can be cracked, but i have a long password 20+ characters to make it harder. I use mac address filtering which can be spoofed BUT they need to get passed my WPA2 AES, and they need to sniff my traffic for the mac address from client to AP, which stuoidly is sent in clear text. The defense to that is when I am using my laptops (which are only used for 4 hours max) it is not a big enough window for someone to ■■■■■ my password THEN steal my mac address.