WOW3264 registry protection? Are you sure that Defense+ does it?

[b]FIXED! Defense+ does not protect WOW3264 registry keys[/b]
Updated thru automatic update, but where does this WOW3264 protection have to appear?

Do you mean WOW6432? But it was already present in 427 version.
I have a 32-bit XP Home SP3 machine and I don’t have any of the two WOW entries in the Registry (neither 6432 nor 3264)
I’m confused about it

I believe Egemen referred to Wow6432Node which is only used in 64-bit operating systems and allows 32-bit applications to read certain data from 64-bit registry. These entries are not needed for 32-bit OS like yours or mine.
In fact the registry entry you are referring to in 32-bit version of CIS should be deleted it’s not needed at all, I think ;).

Additional info…

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Thanks for your reply. :-TU
Anyway that registry entry was also present in .427, as shown here
at point 4.3.1, so I was also wondering where the news was 88)

Right. As you can see on one of the screenshot I made sometime ago this entry is also present. I think someone added this entry accidentally to 32-bit version instead of to 64-bit version.

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