Wow what an update!

The CIS v7 Update (in my case I foolishly clicked the update button from CIS v5) came out of the blue and is hosing systems left and right… did you guys even test this internally??

In my case it completely disabled connections from another LAN PC to my own PC, while also hosing my Crashplan installation - again I suspect it disabled localhost connections for this app, with no way to even see what is being blocked.

Not to mention, the UI while flashy is a UX abomination, with illogical, redundant and multiple clicks required to set up or glean just about anything useful.

Luckily I was able to revert to a recent Acronis backup image and now I’m back to CIS v5, disabled the update checker, and contemplating a replacement product.

Anyone else in the same boat?

Edit: Oh, did I mention the super-annoying notification popup sounds… or the intrusive widget? I know you can turn these off but c’mon!

Edit2: Cherry on top: Comodo officials are advising problematic installations to be “super-cleaned” using this cumbersame and SUPER-OBSOLETE method:

Hey Comodo, your removal tools are apparently outdated, as indicated by the supported CIS version!

“Product Name
Which Version(s) Can Be Removed
Using This Tool
Comodo Internet Security

And giving this sort of advice is very unprofessional too: " Once you’re done using that program to uninstall Comodo Internet Security you can use another removal tool." … really?? Can I or should I?

Edit3: sorry about this rant but I’m really really ■■■■■■ right now at the lost time and productivity this ■■■■ has caused me…