WoW issue [Resolved]


Just put a new system together and thought I would try your firewall.

The problem began after trying to run WoW. The game will start up and connect but if I try to login into any character the screen will somewhat freeze. By this I mean that if I press ctrl+alt+delete (or the window key) I can move the mouse around and see that windows have opened by the change in appearance of the mouse pointer but am still only able to see the loading page. I can get around this issue by disabling Defense+ but am unhappy with this work around and was wondering what else I can do to fix this problem.


Hey. I am a gamer. Take time to read around the forums. You will find your answers. I made a thread just for this. You can also manually add the game files to the firewall and D+. I play WOW. I have 2 characters. Level 30 Night Elf Druid and a level 20 Dwarf Hunter. Read my thread.

Thank you for the help and the fast response time.

I thought I had looked around enough but apparently not. Your advice worked wonderfully. Only confused briefly when I read your Level 30 Night Elf Druid as a Night Elf Mohawk.

What characters are you? Glad to help.

Anyone play on Tanaris … I’ve got a level 70 orc hunter and a few other high chars.