Wow, Germany demolished Argentina

Unbelievable, i just cant stop laughing.

Yup - and Brazil out!

Must admit, once England was out (fat, overpaid bozos) I wanted Cameroon to win, but only because I had a girlfriend from there.

So, if your girlfriend was from Patagonia…

Gosh, every country I was supporting are out:

  1. New Zealand
  2. England
  3. Argentina

I guess I’ll have to support Netherlands now haha.

Argentina got smashed!!! LOL. 4-0!!!

The Coach was almost crying haha. But Germany my gosh have one of the best counter attacks in the world cup. Germany’s counters are unstoppable. And let’s not forget their players are still young and all of them are great players. By next world cup Germany players will be what… 26 years old and at there peak. There an awesome team. SCHWEINSTEIGER was player of match for Germany!!! he had the ball countless times.

Anyway. Germany, Spain and Netherlands are my favorites at the moment. :slight_smile:


Thanks, if you support them it looks like they’ll be out too so no more problems for Germany. ;D

I still support Germany.
But my friends support Spain.

Who cares? It’s not like “supporting” a team does anything. :stuck_out_tongue: Or not much.

Netherlands owned. Easy.

one day USA will be in the finals i know it i might start tracking soccer playing fifa has got me interested ;D

It,s almost a month and a half when Germany demolished Argentina 4:0 and I still remember this game I was very happy when I saw that Argentina lost 4-0. I have nothing against Argentina the only reason way I was so happy that Argentina lost was Maradona.

PS: Maradona and TSO would be a great couple

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Who’s TSO?

THE SUPER OMLET obviously (i think)

TSO= Jose Mourinho alias The Special One

The Special One and The Special Idiot wouldn’t go well together.

2014 is the next FIFA World Cup… That’s what I don’t like with fotball (soccer), the matches that are fun to watch will be offered first after 4 more years… 88)

Yeah but in between is European Football Championship.
So from two years in two years you have European Cup then World cup. And so on. :smiley: