Wow Do I Love My Security Set Up

Well I don’t know where to post this but I just wanted to share with all of you something that just happened. There I was browsing p…n and warez via Firefox under a Sandbox as I usually do from time to time. Come on now we all do it. I have never seen a D+ alert for no reason unless I just launched an unlearned program. So I got this D+ alert while browsing so I knew something was up and I clicked block. Immediate my NOD32 popped up with an automatic quarantine. So I opened up NOD32 and removed and the infection. I then closed out Firefox and emptied my Sandbox like nothing ever happened. No traces left anywhere. Its like the infection never happened. I cannot tell you what it was called cause everything went so fast but does it really matter. Point is Comodo with its D+ alert me of suspicious activity. NOD32 removed and deleted the infection and Sandboxie played a role by containing everything then once I emptied the Sandbox everything was gone. I am a happy camper. :BNC :■■■■ (:CLP)

Where’s the (S) sign ? >:( >:( >:(


Anyway - happy for ya camper :wink:

now, the next stage is for Comodo to do all that in a much more efficient manner for you :slight_smile: … watch this space!!!


Well it was combo of help not just Comodo saving me.

Hi Vette, long live Sandboxie, till Comodo comes out with theirs…
Glad to hear your current setup works for you dude in the meantime I’ve got Comodos’ Firewall, Rising AV Free, Sandboxie and Malwarebytes Antimalware for on demand only and no troubles on this end (while awaiting CIS).
BTW the end of July is coming up fast on the boys at Comodo hope they deliver as expected by us all…

Xman (:KWL)

Very Good :slight_smile:

Sandboxie is part of myn now.

Sandboxie is great for Anonymous Web Browsing & Testing Programs…

Thanks Vettetech for helping me set it up :slight_smile:

CFP, and NOD 32 FTW! Good to know I would be covered as well.

How does sandbox work exactly? Couldn’t there be risk to loose other data like documents as well using sandbox ? Or do you activate it only while browsing ?

Read all about Sandboxie here. I have mine set up so the only thing running in the Sandbox is Firefox and nothing can get in or out.

Keep in mind I have both IE and FF selected as web browsers under the web browser tab of NOD32. I also have FF and IE under active mode for more effective filtering.

Yes, I figured as much. I do as well. It takes a bit longer to run media, but hell, its worth it.

No not for me. Loads in seconds. I only have FF and IE under active mode.

Oh. Sorry I mixed up my settings. I was talking about setting firefox to maximum scanning. EX: Watching a youtube video takes a bit, nod 32 downloads the whole video, scans it then allows you to watch it.

LOL Info. I think your confused. First you must check off Firefox as a web browser under the HTTP tab. If its not there then add it. Then after using Firefox for 5 minutes or so close it out and now go back in to NOD32 and check off Firefox under the active mode tab. There should be no slow downs of anything. But then again I have a 6 MB DSL connection and never notice any slow downs of anything.

Ok, I guess you’ve never heard of the particular setting. I’ve been very tired lately and I got my settings confused. But there is a setting in nod 32 that puts firefox under maximum efficiency, but steals performance. When playing media, NOD 32 will download the media into nod’s cache, scan it, if safe nod will then feed the downloaded media to the browser.

Are you talking about NOD32 2.7 or 3.0?