WoW and CPF

CPF is newly installed and I tried playing WoW (World of Warcraft) and the game taking a long time to login and the lag is too much… latency is around 2k+. This is the 1st time that happened and I think CPF has something to do with it. I set WoW to trusted app on both the network and d+ setting. I haven’t tried other online games yet but I will check them out later. How come I’m lagging so bad?

You will probably need to put Defense+ in Training Mode when you run the game to learn the game you are playing when you initially run it. You can then put it back to Clean PC mode once you’ve done it.


Be sure your using the latest version of Comodo cause that addresses latency and pings. Also see my sticky on gaming. I play WOW all the time.

I got my online games to work. Thanks alot! (:CLP)

That great news that we resolved your issue.

I’ll go ahead and close this topic now.

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The problem came back and for some reason WoW and other games keeps on going back to custom policy even though I set it to trusted app. Any ideas?

You can manually change the program allowed setting in defense+ or alternatively change the defense+ to “Learning Mode” when you run the program so that CPF Learns what the program is doing.


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Do you mean training mode?

Yes, Training Mode.

I’m still lagging… I guess I’ll try playing WoW on my desktop and just use windos firewall and see how it goes.

I also turned off Netbios since one of the topic says it’s recommended to turn it off… would that cause the lag?

I play WOW all the time using Comdo and my latency is very good with no lag. Be sure to make WOW launcher and exe files trusted in D+ and the firewall. You may also need to make the Blizzard Backround Downloader a trusted item in D+ and the firewall.

I did set them up to be a trusted app but for some reason it keeps going back to custom policy. For some reason TF2 seems to have a good latency and it works fine but as for WoW it’s unplayable. Any ideas?

Trusted in where? Firewall or D+. Its ok if its custom on D+ but it never changes for me. All my games are trusted in the firewall and trusted in D+. What realm are in you? I play in Alexstrasza which is a very populated servce and maxed out at times. See here. Its not Comodo causing your problem cause if it was then all your games would have issues. Blizzard usually changes for moving a character to another realm but try emailing them if your realm is over populated. Try playing at off peak times see what happens. What is your FPS in WOW? Have you tried updating your video card drivers? What card do you have?

I did put WoW on trusted on both fw and d+ but for some reason both keeps on going to custom policy.

I removed comodo and I’m now running on vista firewall just to check. So far WoW is unplayable 1k to 2k latency. I play on multiple realms but I’m on suramar lately. I tried playing mythos and the latency is fine. I’m gonna try TF2 and then I’ll probably download GW and see if it’s playable. Could it be my ISP? I’m really lost right now…

Oh yea well for me this is personal stuff but just so you know I’m residing in asia atm. This is my 1st time where WoW decided to lag so bad. I did email blizz and they said nothing wrong on the servers I play on. My normal latency in WoW is 300 to 400 which is playable same goes with mythos. I can raid, do bgs and arena etc…

Can you give me some F2P or MMO with trials so I can test my connection?

Have you tried power cycling your modem\router. Shut your modem\router off for alteast 10 min and your pc. Start your modem\router up and wait for all lights to be green. Then boot up your pc. You can test your connection here. My latency’s are usually around 100-200. Sometimes even lower.

My isp told me to use the singapore server

Looks fine but I don’t know why WoW and now GW is getting 1k to 2k latency.

Your ping is alittle high.

I’m in asia so yea my ping would be a little high. I called my isp and they are checking on it. I have the worst luck when it comes to security software… everytime I install a new security software my internet goes crazy. I’m sticking to vista fw for a few days just to see if my isp is the one thats been causing the problem then if it’s all fixed I’ll go back to comodo. So any objections with my plan? I would like hear your opinions (:HUG)

Thats fine. Be sure you completely uninstalled Comodo first but like I said if some games are fine and others aren’t its not Comodo causing your problems.