Wouldn't have happened if they had used VE !!!

Hey all,

Have a look at


Great reason to use VE!!

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi Panic,

You could be right there - only one way to find out, hey? :wink:

I’ve been using it & wouldn’t login to any banking or otherwise sensitive site without its endorsement! Am in the process of setting up my daughter’s laptop & it will be installed there as well & explained to her. I also have a policy of not going online without a good firewall (Comodo) & AV…if i’m compromised, at least i know i’ve made the effort to protect myself but i sure as hell hope that doesn’t happen, although you can’t always be 110% sure, can you?


BTW, while this Swedish heist was happening, did anyone happen to see Aowl??? He was gone for about 15 months and I haven’t heard from him. 8)

I agree Ewen, and truly it is a simple thing to do these days. I don’t know if you agree, but STILL with all the warnings, many banks, large companies, still refuse to implement a few securities to save millions of dollars. It’s sad really. On the other hand, so do common users and personal loss still happens quite frequent.