Would someone please give me advice on my current network monitor settings

Hi there. I’m still figuring out the network monitor settings. Our family at home has a small network set up like this:

Internet → Dedicated Server → Our PCs

I have created a zone called Homenet which consists of our private network computers only (including server of course)

First, I would like maximum security on the server from the internet, but still allow access to it from our PCs. My current network monitor settings for the server is as follows:

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current server configuration


For my (and the rest of our pcs) I would like to make Homenet a “safe” zone to easily allow playing games, sharing printers, files etc.

these are my settings:

current clients configuration


But I think I got a virus… PC keeps on giving error messages and occasionally reboots :frowning:

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

A few comments on the rules:
The server rule #7 is redundant and is not active anyway because it is below the catch-all rule #6
Clients rules 7 and 8 are redundant and can be removed, because rules 0 and 1 match a superset of traffic.

The caveat when you setup a trusted zone, (your pc is still protected against attacks from the outside) is that your own local PC’s have full access to each other. If, let’s say, a PC is infected with a worm, other pcs become vulnerable. The risk becomes greater if you have a wireless access point.