Would ProcessGuard be good with CFP?

Have anyone used ProcessGuard (HIPS) with CFP, before? How well did it work? I have it on my PC. I am not sure how well it works. I am also going to ask, did anyone have ProcessGuard configured for max security? If so, did anyone follow a tutorial? What tutorial did anyone follow?

You keep jumping from Wilders to here. Its one or the other You do not need ProcessGaurd since you have D+. Thats overkill. This thread is for Comodo questions not ProcessGaurd set up.

You do not need Process Guard its a Dedicated H.I.P.S Program and should only be used in Conjunction with a Stand Alone Firewall App that Does Not include H.I.P.S Protection.

Ghost Wall , Look “N” Stop would be a safe choice as they are stand alone Firewall Apps But…Not for inexperienced users that Do Not know how to set up Rules & Permissions

COMODO Online Armor etc. etc all have H.I.P.S Protection incorporated into the Program