Would like to use CIS 6:fear it!

I used CIS 5.12 and became quite expert with it. I even manage to get to work Win and Excel on my Q:/ drive for Microsoft Office Starter 2010. I feel secure with CIS but can’t help making you understand that for a few dollars I can get a paid suite that gives me absolutely no trouble with the same protection associated to Sandboxie. CIS is in constant development but I hear it’s unstable with Sandboxie or that it either deactivates extensions you like (siteadvisor, for example) if you use the built-in CIS 6 sandbox or virtual Kiosk. I haven’t tried it, but I fear the problems still associated with CIS 6! Is this the case of the many CIS 6 users? I’m reading old stories in the latest posts, like the remember rules for an application not being at all remembered. May be because the processes are renewed and as such “new”. Still, it is rather bothering a vast majority of users don’t you think???
Thanks for listening some complaints.
Looking for improvements! :wink:

I am annoyed with the Remember answer not working.

It has been said that 5.12 will prompt you for the option to upgrade to 6 at the end of February at some point.

The way I see it is that many things in version 6.0 are either entirely new or reworked. That’s why there are so many issues. However, I also believe it’s because of all the (relatively small now) issues that Comodo has pushed back the automatic upgrade. They want to fix most of the important bugs before pushing it to 5.12 users.

That said, I have experienced very few bugs with this version. You may just want to wait for the automatic update and see for yourself at that time whether version 6.0 is a good fit for you. However, I do want to warn you that the GUI is very different from previous versions.

based on the release notes of the 6…2708

it mentions something about sanboxie not sure if it fixed all compatibilty problems

though there are lots of difference with how to do things in 5.12 and 6 just to say but i agree to chirons advice to wait a bit longer

The new CIS 6 works great with Sandboxie. Browsers can now function properly with a web browser sandboxed in Sandboxie. I personally tested this. I hope you get the same results. :slight_smile:

Why use Sandboxie? When you have the Virtual Kiosk and CIS Sandbox which are superior, it’s redundant!

I personally move to version 6, because of unresolved issues with 5, and CIS seems stable in the new release. Overall, version 6 is faster and sometimes slow than 5 is. However, If you currently have version 5.10 or 5.12. I would stick with 5 until Comodo releases the auto-upgrade for version 5 users or may be until the next major release. I think 6 will be an improvement over what 5 is but, give the Dev’s time to fix the remaining bug and security holes. I personal like the new interface in version 6.

Until you try it for yourself you will never know. Don’t look at others because we all have different systems and files which will affect any security product differently. So give it a try if you not gonna like it you can always go back.

:-La Just create a Restore Point — if something goes wrong or you hate it or it conflicts with Sandboxie you can always roll back to the restore point. :-La

Sandboxie is far more configurable.

Personally I just use the Comodo sandbox. Some people want to stick with Sandboxie so I was just letting them know that this was an option.

I’m annoyed at the “Clean System” not being remembered as “clean”. I need Comodo to block only new, external threats. I can understand if you exclude an infected file, then launch the file and Comodo blocks child processes. That’s acceptable.

Ideally, you could choose to exclude copying, moving, deleting, and archiving infected or questionable files, but block execution.