Would Comodo have stopped the Stuxnet worm?

I’m talking about malware signed by certificates that have been revoked. This is available in V5.3:

This can’t be called “immune”. What about certificates that have NOT been revoked (for example, because it’s unknown yet they were compromised/stolen and are used by cybercriminals) :-\

I was a little confused in my first post. CIS is be immune to malware that is signed with a certificate that has been revoked.

That’s why this topic is so important.

Let’s talk :slight_smile:

it seems comodo fails that particular test…
to me, it didn’t created dll’s…probably bcos of
1) running in sandboxie
2) fully patched OS

Please Elaborate on how CIS failed

I created that thread only to give Comodo devlopers a stimulus that they must intercept .dll and .tmp files execution in some smart way, may be like Online Armor or even in a more better way.

Let,s wait n see.