Would be nice to have reminder when "traffic is stopped"

File this under the category of “user error”.

Occasionally I must click on the “Stop all traffic” link in Comodo. Which is fine. But sometimes I forget to restore the traffic which leads to several anxious minutes while I try to troubleshoot the network problem, sometimes even calling my ISP before I realize that the problem is me!

Would be great if the Comodo icon would change to inidate that traffic is blocked.

Is there a way to configure Comodo to change the icon or display other indication to indicate when traffic has been manually stopped?

Thank you.

You can fix this problem yourself - If you have Windows 7 just open this program “C:\Windows\System32\StikyNot.exe” and type inside it ‘Don’t forget to turn on network traffic’. If you don’t have Windows 7 then use for example Notepad.

I think the longstanding A Timer or Warning, Please! voices your wish and concern.

This request has been asked before. A good idea it is.

Problems are sometimes found between the chair and the keyboard. :slight_smile: