WOT compatibility

is WOT and spywareblaster officially compatible with windows vista home premium 64 bit???

i m using free CIS complete package with windows xp sp3 32 bit. do i require spywareblaster and wot??? how important, beneficial and effective are these software??? i keep windows always upto date, have CIS installed (default settings) and internet explorer 8 (smart screen and popup blocker enabled), with these security setup do i need softwares like spywareblaster and wot??? what amount of protection spywareblaster and wot will add to my current security setup???

my bro has vista home premium 64 bit. he is an average user. he didn’t likes cis coz of false positives and the popups explanations. so his current setup is now pctools firewall plus 6, avira antivir 9, both default settings. waiting for threatfire release for 64 bit. he is comfortable with the current setup which is working fine. i plan to add spywareblaster and wot to his current setup but i dont know whether both these softwares are officially compatible with vista home premium 64 bit so i asked the question above. he has updated internet explorer from version 7 to the latest 8. plzz try to answer all my queries.


Hi naren,

They’re really quite different applications. Spywareblaster adds a layer of prevention by stopping the installation of certain types of malware and WoT is browser based add-on used to give an indication of the ‘safety’ of a particular web site, based on other peoples perceptions.

Keeping Spywareblaster is not adding to your system resource utilisation in any major way and may be of use, especially when using Internet Explorer. As for WoT, I know a lot of people find it useful and you may find the ratings a useful guide.

WOT is compatible with Firefox 1.5 and later on all platforms. And with IE6 and later on Windows regardless of being 32 or 64.

I find it a useful complement whichever security setup you are on; because it informs you on site contents before you open the site, as opposed to real time protection that check things up after you click.