WOS (windows operating system)

First I want to thanks all for the great job with this firewall.
Second thanks is for making it free!

Now my issue is regarding the WOS (windows operating system)
My global out rule is to allow everything.
I find out in the log file a WOS that is allowed, but I do not have any rule for that in the application rule.
So, my question is how do I add this WOS to my application rules?
Second how is possible for WOS to bypass the application rules?

Thanks for your support.


Application rules tab - add - select - running processes - WOS - select

Because WOS is not an “application”. It can connect by your global rule:

Special traffic is shown as WOS by CFP/CIS. This traffic can be anything: so called “applicationless” traffic. Here is a link to expand your understanding what is WOS. Also try to search forums - some useful info can be found.