WOS configured correctly? [RESOLVED]

I am running WIN XP behind a LinkSys router. I have CFP 3.x installed.
WOS is setup in the following manner “FW Setup for WOS.jpg”

My Networks are set up in the following manner “Network Zones.jpg”

My log looks like “Log.jpg”.

I’m not sure how to interpret the logs –
Do I need to change something to allow these blocked entries?
What are they?

I appreciate any help as I try and set up CFP


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Thats normal router chatter, you can untick “Log as…” in your ‘Block and Log’ rule, then you get rid of that logging for WOS.

Your router has SNMP activated and is trying to send you data on port 162-disable snmp unless you are actually using it. My WOS rules are attached for comparison, since I don’t want to fill the log with routine router traffic. You can add more block and don’t log rules if you get other things in your log for WOS that are unnecessary.

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You’re right sded, I forgot to mention that ab’t SNMP :-[

I did have my router set to SNMP - I’ve been using a program called Wall Watcher and forgot to turn it off. Thanks.

Your’e welcome.