Worth a look?

I’ve always been a bit of a fan of Advanced Windows Care, especially the free version, and i’ve just found the Beta version of Version 3.

What do you think?..take a look http://www.iobit.com/beta.html

Everyone is going to have their own opinions, Bader40. It does have good reviews on download.com. But I wouldn’t rely on the Firewall part, CFP 3 is much better :slight_smile:


Comodo takes care of my Firewall needs…you’re preachin to the converted my friend!! (B)

I hope its better than version 2, it messed up my registry big time - thank goodness for restore points.

I find running a good old CCleaner scan as well as windows safety centre clean up scan a good solution for cleaning the registry - niether product has ever messed up windows or any other programs.


Registry Cleaning is REALLY REALLY bad, IMO. Be very careful when auto reg cleaners… Check the Reg entries first.


I prefer to do registry cleaning manually then if I delete something wrong it is all my own fault ;D
The trouble is a lot of keys of some programs are not written properly and it is not until you use the program again that you notice something is missing far to late to use system restore.