Worst Software experience ever.


I’m a Quality Assurance Analyst at a software company.

I installed the Comodo Internet Security suite. Since the application access has trouble remembering some of my rules and I got a virus anyway although my system is up to date I tried removing it to try another free Anti-Virus.

To my shocking amazement the removal of comodo kills my network connectivity completly ! :o

I even found the following “Manual” on the forums to remove it manually, but unfortunately that didn’t work either.

I had to do a Vista system restore to get back to a point before Comodo was uninstalled just to be able to connect to my office network again !

So two hours later I’m back on the office network with Comodo running and extreamly frustrated with the product and time lost during my workday.


I think this a known problem, many people are talking about it and the devs should know about this already… Maybe when You put this issue in the bug section of CIS and give as much information as possible that is relevant for the problem, the devs can investigate this further and maybe they can fix this in future updates!

It is really bad if many people are suffering from this…

I have not uninstalled CIS lately , but I would like to know if this is actual with the latest version ???


Will add the info on the other post, I’d love to help getting this resolved, but the fact that such an Issue is still a “known problem” and has such a terribly complicated work around concerns me deeply form a Quality Assurance perspective, but maybe I’m just over sensitive seeing as QA is my bread & butter.

MJLK: I’ll try the safe mode uninstall as suggested by your link, thanks.

I uninstalled CIS because its diagnostics reported integrity problem and my Vista crashed into a bluescreen afterward. I had to reinstall my Vista and in the process cracked my Vista disc. Ouch.

But I can’t live with the alternative: without CIS.

I found myself attached to CIS . . .but the crashing and installation gets corrupted problem after some time is really annoying at best.

I hope the dev is looking into this problem.