Worst case scenario question.

By default, what does the comodo firewall do when faced with a worse case scenario firewall attack?

The reason i bring this up is because for the first time since i can remember comodo locked down my computer for no apparent reason. When this happened i was sleeping. After waking up, I attempted to access the internet with my browser and pages would not load. Some programs failed to start and others had limited functionality. After restarting i realised the only running program with that power was comodo. so what caused this?

im a long time user of comodo personal firewall and its the only protection i’ve used for the last year, i truly do love it. :ilovecomodo:

Welcome. :slight_smile:
There are many different types of firewall attacks, so it depends how CFP would react.
You can view your settings in:

Firewall > Advanced > Attack Detection Settings/Firewall Behavior Settings