Worrying new phone threat

Just now a lady rang me up and told me that her company had detected malicious software being downloaded onto my computer. Then she directed me to a site, which she said was:


Suspecting a scam (afterr all they don’t even my IP address :)) I refused to go to the site and her diction was not clear so may not have that exactly right. In any case, its a bit of a new and worrying development being scammed over the telephone and presumably some people are going to fall for it - so just a warning really and is there any organisation that checks and records suspicious sites?

Update: Looks like the site is


and it is indeed some kind of scam. Probably to sell some kind of support product.

mod edit: i can’t open the link. anyway, malware/dangerous links are prohibited

How did she find out phone number: by IP address? :wink:
How did “her company” detect a malicious software being downloaded onto definite computer: either “her company” sniffs LAN traffic between that computer and internet, or “her company” is ISP ;), or “her company” intentionally sent a malware to that specific computer (performed attack).

How did she ground the necessity to go to that site? :-\

If that is true (what OP said), then it is ridiculous scam, the only thing which should be brought to light is what b*tch leaked the phone number to that “lady” >:-D or it was her random attempt (quite doubtfully).