Hi, now i have kaspersky but when the licens is over im going to Comodo. But the question is: is it good to have CIS with the CPU problem, Ram problem (after update). and other kinds of problems. after the licens is over should i install Avast free and after the problems are slove shall i return to CIS

Hi ePlay. CIS Ram and CPU usage problems are only on a small percentage of systems.
I am running it on 2 systems.
1 system is Win 7 with 1GB ram with no memory issues or CPU spikes.
The other is XP with only 384mb ram and also no problems.
The Xp system I do manually update database, because memory use does increase during this time so I choose when to do it in this situation.
The systems that CIS work well on have very low Ram usage, I think in your situation I would consider trying it. If you do happen to be one of those that do have problems I apologise for my advice. All the best and good luck.

Hey ePlay

CIS is a good option. try to evoid full system scans; they will eat you cpu like a hungry piranha. but if CIS as a complete suit is nothing for you go for avast and comodo firewall.

could you provide more about your computer and what security software you had before? D+ logs would also be nice

Valentin N

Every program has problems listed in their user forums. Some will be down to Comodo, others not but the user thinks it is!

Comodo is a fantastic free all in one package. Read free. No ads, no popups, no pestering, no email required by default and no removal of features.

The CPU and RAM issue are not major (I can still run it fine on a PIII 700 384MB XP laptop which I use for Comodo resource testing) and only happen with the antivirus part of the package. On average, it uses 10-20MB RAM including antivirus, 60MB during scans. Firewall and HIPS part use very little resources.

The issue I have at the moment is with the Antivirus - VM used being a bit bloated, tripling commit charge of the system, CPU and mem use too high at times, but it’s not something that you notice outside of updates and full system scans.

Best option as mentioned above is Comodo Firewall + Avast, but two products always increases the chance of conflict since Avast started adding more security features rather than just being an Antivirus.

I wouldn’t be worried. Just make sure you do a full uninstall and removal of your previous software.

Valentin, i don’t use right now CIS but i got this comp.
Dell 8300 series (6 year old comp)
Intel Pentium 4 3.00 Mgz
Ram 2GB
Nvidea geforce FX 5200
and of corse i got XP

CIS will work well on that computer

And what is the best settings in CIS to get best protection and medium alert

there is no answer to that; it depends what you are for person and how like your security system to be.

I suggestion proactive security (right-click on CIS tray Icon -->Config → Proactive).


CIS → AV → scan settings → 1st realtime protection → have scan memory on start, Heuristics: Medium/High and don’t scan file bigger than 1024MB 2nd → Manual scanning → have everything marked besides rootkit scanning, heuristics on high and don’t scan on 1024 MB


CIS → firewall → Firewall behavior settings1st → General Settings → safe mode and have IPv6 filtering enabled. 2nd → Alert settings, have everything marked and on High. 3rd → advanced → have everything marked (if you want to have maxium protection) or have everything marked beside the last option


CIS → d+ → d+ settigs → 1st → General settings → paranoid mode (be prepared to get many pop ups) but safe mode is also good. 2nd → Execution Control Settings → treat unrecognized file as: untrusted/restricted. 3rd → Sandbox settings → have all marked beside automatically trust files from trusted installer.

If you get problem just make thread and past your firewall/d+ logs so that we can help you faster and better.

Valentin N

isen’t it better to have it at stock settings

stock is good and meant to give the user the necessary protection but you wanted best protection and my tip above is one way to get it :slight_smile:

Valentin N

ok big thank to you Valentin. the answer on building a computre. really i don’t like bulding comps. i like buying it ready. And i know it cheper to build

if you change your mind I will help you.

Thanks anyway appreciate tha you are helping my every time. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: