.worm-koobface not detected by Comodo, but picked up by other AV

I have had other AV software detect and have found the files from .worm-koobface , but Comodo AV never detected it. The virus came back about 4 to 5 times, till I found out how to remove it. Comodo would never see it, during scans.

I will have to send .worm-koobface, if it comes back again. I found the file and was able to remove it . It came from a site that uses Facebook cookies and ad’s . It is related to Facebook.

If you have it, will it be possible for you to send it using the following interface, so that CIS can detect it?


Webroot Spy Sweeper has quarantined it twice in the last several days on my computer. Comodo never detected it either.

If I’m not wrong the internet is currently being flooded with variants of this malware. This would make it very difficult to detect all of them.

I can confirm that Comodo detects many of them, but no AV can ever detect all.

If you find that you have an undetected malware on your computer please submit it to:
so that the entire community can be protected from it.