Worm Attacks?

I’m currently using Kaspersky’s Internet Sweet, but my license expires really soon, and I have been getting alot of worm attacks from “Helkern” (also known as “Slammer” or “Sapphire”) http://www.viruslist.com/en/news?id=59188 for more information on it…

And I was wondering, does Comodo block this worm attack? because once my Kaspersky expires I will be vulnerable to it, please help me out!


I think even if your subscription expires, you will still be protected against this particular worm as Kaspersky obviously has a definition signature for it.

Once your subscription expires, you’ll still have that definition signature, but you won’t receive any new definition updates, and may not be protected against any new variants of that worm.

Yea, but I’m only using a trial version, so once the trial’s done the firewall wont work anymore I dont think will it?

So I’m wondering if anyone knows for sure that Comodo does block it.


I don’t know if the firewall in KIS will quit working or not.

If the worm is an .exe, then the HIPS in Comodo Firewall Pro will alert you if it attempts to execute, and you can block it.

I’m pretty sure CFP will protect you.

The firewall will continue working, only the updates will be turned off :slight_smile: And you will get popups from time to time (whitch is annoying) ;D

I would still like to know…Does anyone know for sure that Comodo will block this worm?


Those “worm attacks”, were they from the firewall’s log? Or was it the AV?

Hi wovaki

It’s probably best to ask Comodo Support if you need a definative & authoritative answer. Go to Comodo Support, register on their system & raise a Ticket on this issue.

ANY firewall (even winXP FW) will block internet worms if it’s properly configured. Anyway even if you don’t use a firewall you will not be affected by Slammer unless you are running unpatched SQL Server 2000.

Is there anyway to tell if I’m running unpatched SQL Server 2000?