Worldwide AntiVirus Market Share

Oesis OK has released a report on the world-wide market share of the antivirus security software currently available in the market.

Similar one in spanish:

I don’t see Comodo on here.?

It appears in the spanish version, I dont know where he got the chart.
The report can be found here:

They mention Comodo in the report as an US vendor but i dont know why it does not appear in the stadistical data.

I am surprised to see avast free and avira free beating AVG free. Maybe people are beginning to see how bad it really is.


i wonder how many participants were involved in this test?


I wouldn’t say ‘test’, more of a statistic than anything. My question is: how did they compile the information

I am wondering how they completed those stats to, also I bet Comodo is included in the other group since it did not make the list.

you are right…

i should re-phrase: how many participants were included in this test and how were they chosen?
I mean this is an important process cos If you were to choose a biased group, then you would have biased result and also if you were to choose a small number, then it wouldn’t be statistically significant.

So, how many and how were they chosen…


According to those who made the report the results are based on tens of thousands installations:

we are able to present the following report based purely on the detection of the applications that [b]tens of thousands[/b] of users actually have installed on their endpoints.

But without comodo on that list. Who gives a foot? :smiley:

The Research Out of the 50 million endpoints that employ the OESIS Framework, OPSWAT collected data from tens of thousands of volunteers. The information collected from OPSWAT’s various tools had a high rate of correlation. That is to say, when comparing reports, despite these tools having different uses, percentages of antivirus product usage were consistent. This consistency would suggest our data has a high degree of reliability.
The volunteer group was questioned elsewhere. We're expecting a market share research from Citibank. But it was not published (yet). Anyway, we can see that the free antivirus vendors have take quite a lot of the market.

Does Comodo have any different info about the market share? Can it be disclosed?
It won’t worth nothing just bash the Oesis’ one just for fun…

They tell you on their site how the data was collected. It comes from people who have their software installed that reports all the installed applications. Even given that, I think it’s far more accurate than a site that lets people vote over and over again with no restrictions like the one mentioned in another thread where Comodo users are obviously stuffing the ballot box.

Look at this for more details:

And how would you rate the level of computer security expertise of these people who willingly allow all installed applications on their computers to be continuously monitored?

According to the Antivirus Vendor Data Comodo has barely 1% of the world market which results definitely demand a recall.


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so that will only work with apps that supported by their app…which explains why Comodo is not there…


I would say that 1% is probably pretty accurate

I used to be one of those 99% running one of the popular Antivirus programs until it failed horribly and my computer became infected. Up until then I had no need for the top rated Internet Security program, but 1 1/2 years ago I installed CIS v3.8 and I haven’t had so much as one detected piece of Malware since then.

And I think that may just be Melih’s strategy in getting people to part with their popularly used name brands is to put the best testing Comodo Internet Security Suite out there and when people finally do get infected using the ‘popular’ brands of Internet Security they will seek better protection by stepping up and installing CIS.


Well I won’t deny that the full CIS is rock solid protection and probably the best in that regard. It just needs to improve more in the usability aspect to gain a larger market share.

Hmm. Why I didn’t see A “No.1 Best in Global Leading Know-How International Brand-Name” security program from Korea ?

They’re lying me :o

(Note. I’m just ironic them. Don’t be serious.)

However local is still local provider.
So some vendor are based on amount of user that not a quite well known name.
For example 360safe was china brand with no English version But it’s based on various AV engine.

little joke?

to bring more usability into cis and other similar software you need an complete new windows…

-windows architekture is bad ,only build for usability and not really for security
-too many security holes ,too slow development with their massive ressources…

an complete secure os has always limitations in usability ,see openbsd/freebsd…

the reason is: the people must change themselves to understand the word “security”

security is not the os ,also not any software who provides an more secure system… for security is always need to work together with the system ,to make an os secure. but the most people are didnt interested in security ,they will only usability & these are the 1st people who complain when any security problem appear :-TD

Since you don’t like the Windows platform I assume you must be an advanced Unix/Linux/Mac user…

First logical question that comes up after this would be why even bother about Windows? :wink:

Wonder why don’t they include COMODO.